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All the Light

All the Light We Cannot See received a lot of publicity because it was a National Book Awards Finalist, so there is no need for me to sing its praises (although I would… because IT DESERVES LOADS AND LOADS OF PRAISES).  WWII, France, Germany, orphans, a blind girl, young love, Nazis… you get the gist.  But IT’S AMAZING.


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How many times have I written recently that I started reading a book and had no idea what I was getting into?! I feel like that has happened to me a lot lately.  Well The Museum of Extraordinary Things is no exception.  Wow was this book … nuts!  Coralie’s father runs a museum in their home, with  – – extraordinary things, like a 100-year old turtle, and the Wolfman.  Coralie herself is forced to be the “mermaid” and has practiced staying underwater for long periods of time so that she can be in the tank when visitors come in.  Coralie of course wonders what life is like outside of the museum and soon runs into a photographer near the Hudson River when she is doing one of her late night practice swims.  The events that occur once Coralie meets Eddie are… nuts! Read it to believe it!

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Queen of the Tearling

The Queen of the Tearling reminded me of a Revolutionary War book, but set in the future, but set in the past… ?!?  A young princess has been raised in the country by guardians and when she becomes of age, she has to go back to the castle and reclaim her throne.  Throw in some magic, some really bad historical laws put in place by her dead Queen mother, a jealous Uncle who wants the throne, and an evil Queen of a neighboring region, and you have exciting fantasyworld stuff on your hands!  It seemed like Princess Kelsea was in the US, so it was semi-Hunger Games in that it was a bit dystopian, but the people still lived like they were in the 1800’s, because somehow all of the knowledge they had gained was lost.

I really loved The Queen of the Tearling and it was a fun read!  It was only disappointing when I realized that it is meant to be a trilogy, but the second book had not yet been written. Thankfully, last I checked, the second book will be released in June 2015!

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The Nightingale takes place in the french countryside, beginning just before the Nazis invade France.  The main characters, Vianne and Isabelle, are sisters.  Vianne is living in the family home with her husband and daughter, Isabelle is away at boarding school, and their father is in Paris.  After their mother died when the girls were young, the father was not the best caretaker and they all became estranged.  Vianne’s husband soon has to join the French army and Vianne is forced to grow a bit of a backbone and take care of things on her own.  Soon she is dealing with a Nazi captain that is stationed in her home, amidst her worry for her best friend and neighbor, a Jewish woman.  Isabelle, on the other hand, decides to actually participate in the Resistance, unbeknownst to her sister, bringing much mystery and baited breath to the tale.

This is a riveting book because it’s not clear who is meant to be the hero / main character. There are many plot twists and times where you are reading with bated breath that it is such a quick read due to the fact that you will not want to put it down!  I highly recommend The Nightingale; the only problem was that when I was done reading it I couldn’t find another book to read right away because it left such an impression on me!

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