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Of COURSE I read The Fault in our Stars!! And OF COURSE I loved it! And OF COURSE I can’t wait to see the movie!! There are hundreds of reviews of this book out there, so I don’t need to add one more. Ok? Ok. LOVED (*****)


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Talk about the perfect summer read! Bittersweet has mystery, jealousy, romance, money, and murder!

Mabel is the dowdy college roommate of Genevra (Ev) Winslow (of “the Winslows”). Every summer the Winslows retreat to their land bordering Lake Champlain in Vermont where years ago the patriarch purchased land and built many cottages. Each arm of the Winslow family has its own cottage, and Ev is hoping this is the year that she gets her own cottage (separate from her parents) so she ropes Mabel into coming along to help her make it respectable. Mabel is all too willing to help as her glimpse into Ev’s seemingly perfect rich life has planted a seed in her mind of how wonderful and idyllic it must be at Winloch.

Once Ev & Mabel arrive at Winloch, Mabel begins to see some parts of the Winslow family (and Ev) that are not so perfect. She sees the perfect facade but soon sees it as a facade and begins to see that nothing is as it seems!

Bittersweet was such a fast read I was sad to finish it – – the perfect vacation or beach read!!

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