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I almost don’t want to write this review. I don’t trust myself not to give anything away!! There is such a turn of events in this book that it is so necessary NOT to spoil it that I won’t write much in this review.

Essentially a husband and wife (Nick & Amy) move from New York to Missouri when they both lose their jobs and Nick(who is originally from Missouri) decides they should move back home because his mom has terminal cancer and his dad has Alzheimer’s.  Amy disappears from their home on their fifth wedding anniversary, about a year after they moved to Missouri, and like most real-life situations we read about that are similar to this, the husband becomes the main suspect.  There is no body, although there was a lot of blood loss in their kitchenand so the police eventually start pointing the finger at Nick.  The book is told from two perspectives – some from Nick, the husband’s perspective, and then it alternates in some chapters and is written from his wife Amy’s point of view via her diary that was left behind. 

I really enjoyed Gone Girl and the way it was written.  I felt like I was in either Nick or Amy’s head as I was reading their respective chapters.  And now – I think I will stop writing this review!  I definitely recommend this book!


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