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Ann Patchet wrote one of my most favorite books – Bel Canto (I think I should re-read that book and post a review of it!).  I was so excited to see the release of State of Wonder, and I was, of course, entirely enthralled the entire time I read the book. 

The book is about a pharmaceutical researcher who lives in Minnestota, Dr. Marina Singh, and her journey to the Amazon jungle to find the remains and personal effects of a fellow researcher who had died there (under mysterious circumstances). 

State of Wonder explores Marina’s childhood and her awful nightmares (caused, she finally learns, by the anti-malaria drugs she used to take before going to India as a child, and that she had to take before going to the Amazon as an adult); her work as a resident for the Dr. that she would soon be searching for in the Amazon; and her personal relationship with someone in a leadership position at the company for whom she works.  Marina adapts amazingly in the Amazon, and State of Wonder really lets you picture her there in that environment.  The story behind the native tribe in the Amazon that Marina’s company is researching is an amazing story, and such a creative idea.  There are so many twists and turns along the way in this story – following the twists and turns of the Amazon in real life.  One “turn” was so unexpected that I had to put the book down and actually think about it for a while!

Ann Patchet has such a beautiful writing style, you really feel like you are reading a quality book when you read State of Wonder.  I can’t recommend it enough! (Bonus to me – I recently recommended the book to a friend of mine, and she loved it too! )


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